Available Lots

Acreage Blocks from just $140,000

Land at Adare Grove Estate will be available in five stages with blocks ranging in size from 3100m2 to 4390m2. All have wide street frontage and level ground making them easy to build on. A building covenant is in place to protect your standard of living and investment.

Soil tests on Stage 1 have been exceptional and all blocks are 300mm above the Q100 flood line.
At Adare Grove you can build with confidence.

Key Estate Infrastructure

Beginning with the turning lane into the wide streets, Adare Grove has not compromised on infrastructure. This is a modern boutique Community with street appeal, ideal location and modern facilities set amidst a farming backdrop. Protection of your investment is assured.

Site Availability

  • Lot 1

    2 Lockyer Drive

    Land area: 4274 m2

  • Lot 2

    4 Lockyer Drive

    Land area: 3561 m2

    Under Contract
  • Lot 3

    6 Lockyer Drive

    Land area: 3400 m2

  • Lot 32

    5 Lockyer Drive

    Land area: 2959 m2

  • Lot 33

    3 Lockyer Drive

    Land area: 3120 m2

  • Lot 34

    4 Maragon Court

    Land area: 3608 m2

  • Lot 35

    1 Maragon Court

    Land area: 3223 m2

    Under Contract
  • Lot 36

    3 Maragon Court

    Land area: 3040 m2

  • Lot 37

    5 Maragon Court

    Land area: 43040 m2

    Under Contract
  • Lot 38

    7 Maragon Court

    Land area: 3040 m2

    Under Contract
  • Lot 39

    9 Maragon Court

    Land area: 3040 m2

  • Lot 40

    11 Maragon Court

    Land area: 4392 m2

  • Lot 41

    8 Maragon Court

    Land area: 3102 m2

    Under Contract
  • Lot 42

    6 Maragon Court

    Land area: 3101 m2


Home and land Packages

Vacant land is always available to build your dream home. However, if you’d prefer one of our prestige builders to construct your home – offering you all-inclusive pricing and peace of mind – check out our affordable packages here. Stylish homes are available to suit all budgets.
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